ITGiver provides innovative, custom-built e-commerce software to companies that sell online. E-commerce software enables you to sell directly to consumers or other businesses. ITGiver's software is designed to increase your revenue and decrease your costs. We take care of all aspects of e-commerce integration, taking the headache out of setup so that you can start selling now.

Increase Your Revenue

An intuitive on-screen shopping cart reduces shopping cart abandonment, while a search engine friendly catalogue drives traffic to your online store. ITGiver's advanced promotional tools include targeted e-mail campaigns, e-coupons, an affiliate program, referral programs and more. Detailed reports and statistics help you better understand your customers, allowing you to make informed decisions about your product catalogue.

Decrease Your Costs:

  • Because we provide and include all infrastructure, security certificates, hosting and bandwidth requirements, ITGiver's active deployment architecture reduces your IT costs.
  • Customer relationship management tools decrease customer service costs with efficient data retrieval. Automatically generated customer confirmation e-mails with integrated tracking numbers let customers see the status of their orders at any time.
  • Intuitive product management features allow for quick updates to your online catalog.

ITGiver specializes in the design and development of efficient, cost effective business software that will improve your company's performance. If you are looking for an Internet presence, our e-commerce software solutions can put your business online.

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